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Branded Filmz was founded in 2005 with the aim of producing engaging and visually  stimulating videos across a wide range of communication objectives. Whether it is a factory construction video shot over several months, or a one off promo for an event, Branded Filmz has consistently striven to provide the appropriate communication platform for the project. We work on the entire production process from scripting to post production, involving our clients at every stage of the process. We strongly believe that it is our client's business or brand, and they know what is best for them! We are there to support the process of brand building...
Shanki Mahendra 
Director | Cinematographer
Rekha A. Mahendra 

Shanki Mahendra grew up with films. Son of noted cinematograhper / director Balu Mahendra, films have played an important role in shaping who he is today. A cinematographer with a keen eye on composition and framing, Shanki's interests go way beyond the visual medium. A firm believer in an hands on approach, he enjoys spending time on his farm, using his interest in construction to wield the welding rod, enjoy experimenting with home made brews and much more. An extremely well-rounded personality, Shanki brings to Branded Filmz varied interest ranging from medicine and architecture to sound recording and orchids. 

Rekha A Mahendra, a graduate in Economics from the University of London with a post gradation in communications enjoys the process of brand building. Well planned and organised, she is the backbone of making sure clients can be confident that what is promised, will be delivered. Besides managing the business at Branded Filmz, she is also building her own fitness wear brand for women called Uhane, is a franchise partner at Seed playschools and runs a highly appreciated guest hose in Kodaikanal called Manaslu.  


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