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Client testimonials

"Working with Branded Filmz across projects for my client TVS Credit Services was a great experience. What stands out is not only the work which was done really professionally and was classy, but also the flexibility in style and working with different types of scripts, making suggestions as we made the videos to make them better, and the super responsiveness at all times during the final editing. They are a preferred supplier for all our projects."

Shabeen A Narang, Founder and CEO, Trajectorie

"Indeed a pleasure working with you and your team. We were able to complete all our training videos on time. It was well appreciated by the management and was used in our training portals. Thanks again for your wonderful support and co-operation throughout!"

Rahul Karmakar, Manager HR, TVS Credit Services

"As a Director of Photography, I’ve shot in Asia, Africa, and throughout the US and Europe. Shooting on location with a local team can be challenging, as  the range of skill and support services can vary greatly.  Working with Branded Filmz eliminated this uncertainty.  Whether it’s equipment or crew, I’ve only had the most professional experiences with Branded Filmz."


Theo Angell, Director of Photography

"I was fortunate to work with Shanki and Rekha on several film projects. My organization works closely with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to address HIV, and we needed to create videos to educate health care workers and the public, promote people to act, and reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV and AIDS.  Shanki and Rekha offered their creativity and expertise to bring our ideas alive, and they handled the filming of patients with incredible warmth and sensitivity. They were very easy to work with, and helped us to identify and organize all the resources we needed to create successful film projects. Their many connections also helped in other aspects of our work. The results more than exceeded our expectations."


Liz Stevens, former Country Director, I-TECH India

Maria Gargiulo, Producer-Director

"I’ve produced several films in India and have always worked with Branded Filmz.  We’ve used Branded Filmz to source equipment,hire crews and handle all manner of production.  We have never been disappointed.  As producer, Rekha is a pleasure to work with; she always looks out for the client, making sure that the process of shooting in India goes smoothly and we get what we need.  We’ve also been able to work with Shanki as a DP and the results were always first rate.  What really made the experience work for us is that the Branded Filmz team understand our production needs and operate at the highest level of professionalism."

Some of the companies we have worked with:

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